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Welcome to the FALL MEETING!

October 13, 2020 / # / No Comments

Hey all METES members and fans! Our first ever fall meeting is happening on Tuesday 27.10.2020 at Metropolia UAS Myllpuro Campus Innovation Area (MPC2007) starting at 5pm. Doors will be open from 4:30 on. Please be on time for the mandatory membership check. (This is due to our association rules based on the Finnish association […]

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EP 2. Trendy Entrepreneurship

October 8, 2020 / # / No Comments
Podcast EP2

Second episode is out ! On this one we talk about trendy entrepreneurship. Where did this term origin? What is the role of entrepreneurship societies? How has social media molded the whole subject? Dive in to this super interesting episode filled with personal memories from the 90s recession until Trump rallies. Waaait what? Guests: METES Chairperson, […]

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Ep 1. The Ice Cream Ladies!

September 15, 2020 / # / No Comments

#WEAREMETES podcast launching ! Join our hosts Anu and Ben on their journey through five episodes of interesting entrepreneurship-related stuff. On this first episode we talk with two of the Härtelö founders. How is it to start a business from scratch while studying? What the hell are fava beans? Listen our poddie here or in […]

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