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Community Developer

Anu is a Bachelor of Social Services and a Cultural Producer with studies from both Metropolia and University of Arts Helsinki. Anu has worked as a freelance Corporate Events Producer as well in bigger productions.

In METES her responsibilities lay in association administration, promotion, event management and developing new concepts.

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Community Developer

Ben is a Heathcare professional with background in pedagogy and he’s passionate about Healthcare Innovation.

In METES Ben takes care of recruitment, sponsors, partners and collaborations both searching new as well intercommunicating with them.

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Tanja is Bachelor of Engineering and a Healthcare professional. Her background is in Health Technology and Entrepreneurship.

As the Chairperson of METES she keeps the association growing and takes care of strategic development and new projects.

You can reach Tanja at



Vice Chairperson

Onni-Vilhem is a Bachelor of Arts with specialisation in Industrial Design. Onni is a full-time Entrepreneur and passionate about sustainability and welfare.

At METES Onni works as a Vice Chairperson. He’s more than happy to answer questions about being a dad or the silent board member.

Onni-Vilhelm’s contact info can be found through his website




Atte is finalizing his degree in Industrial Design as a Bachelor of Arts. He has co-founded a 3D-printer start-up focusing on the reuse of plastic waste.

As the Treasurer of METES he keeps the numbers in neat order. He also gives us valuable advice on branding related stuff.

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Hannes Jesar works as a Project Manager in the Accelerator Turbiini under Metropolia UAS and gives METES advices.




Juha Järvinen is a Specialist in Innovations under Metropolia UAS and gives METES advices.



We are talented Corporate Events Managers with experience on seminars and conferences. Currently we are developing concepts on public speaking and entrepreneurial skills.

Need help on the Events side or want to co-create something with us? Contact!

Our Ongoing Concepts:

Concepts for 2021 announced soon!

3AMK Collaboration Events:

Unreal Meetup is informal networking event held online by 3ES collaboration. Follow our social media and event page for more information!




Need help to evaluate your business idea?

You want to be an entrepreneur but don’t know where to start?

Searching for more team members on your start-up?

Contact us! We offer low threshold services and are happy to help you with anything entrepreneurship related. Find us all on or individually via TEAM section.

The Lab

The Lab is a new concept about testing your ideas and innovations in real-life situations. To be able to develop truly meaningful solutions, we need to include different fields of science, engineering, design, culture and communication in parallel layers. The Lab cycle welcomes challenges, problems and questions seeing them all as positive possibilities. Launching in early 2021, follow our social media for updates!


A note from our previous collaboration, Sciar Company:

” One of the big challenges for an early stage start-up is to get your pilot customers. Sciar Company has developed an Augmented Reality based smart glass application to be used while working in a laboratory and with the help of METES we got Metropolia as one of our early testers, saving us countless phone calls and emails.”